The Theatre

Plays & Players Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in continuous use in the United States. It was designed and constructed in 1912 by famed Philadelphia architect Amos W. Barnes. Beginning as The Little Theatre, it has also been known as the Delancey Street Theatre (1920) and The Philadelphia Theatre before being known as Plays & Players Theatre. Tours of Plays & Players Theatre are available by appointment only. Please contact us at 215-735-0630 or Email Us to schedule a date and time.

Our Lobby


Plays & Players Mainstage

Murals were added to the mainstage in 1932 by renowned American Artist Edith Emerson.


The Skinner Studio at Plays & Players Theatre




Quig’s Pub at Plays & Players Theatre


Like What You See?
Plays & Players Theater continues to be a vital space in the Philadelphia community, hosting not only Plays & Players, but rental companies large and small.

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