EAR (Emerging Artists in Residence)

Produced with PDC and sponsored in part by the Melissa Lynch Foundation.

For more information on our playwright residency partner, PDC, please go to www.pdc1.org.

2014/15 EAR Residents

PDC @ Plays & Players Playwrights in Residence: Jeffrey Stingerstein

Melissa Lynch Memorial Acting Residents: Joseph Ahmed and Nicole Godino.

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The EAR (Emerging Artists in Residence) program is open to playwrights and actors in the Greater Philadelphia area. This year the Melissa Lynch Memorial Acting Residency will be open to two actors and the PDC @ Plays & Players Playwrights Residency will be open to two playwrights. This 8-month residency, which will run from October 2014 to June 2015, is an exclusive opportunity for actors and playwrights to work on artistic development at one of Philadelphia’s oldest and most respected theaters.

If you are interested in applying for the EAR Residency, applications will be available in Summer 2015.

About EAR

The aim of the EAR Residency is to develop theater artists’ work towards goals that they have articulated for themselves. The focus of this program is artist development, not the development of a specific performance or project. Emerging can mean many things to many people, and the applying artists are encouraged to decide for themselves if that is an appropriate label. Most importantly, we request that the artist decide if this is a year where they would want to prioritize the opportunity to step back, ask big questions, examine why they are making the artistic choices they make and to try to find out what kind of artist they want to be.

The residency provides activities designed to inspire, encourages experimentation, offers support and guidance from artistic leaders, and the structure and discipline to really focus on the journey and seek results. While the residency is an educational opportunity by nature, we are happy to offer the opportunity for absolutely free.

Details of EAR

Residents are members of Plays & Players, and the PDC @ Plays & Players Playwrights Residents, if not already PDC members, become members of that organization (www.pdc1.org for more information.) The residency is designed to accompany a full time career, and requires 15 hours commitment per month. Residents are also required to volunteer for 5-10 hours per month at Plays & Players.

The residency breaks down into four topics:

1. Play Another Part (playwrights become actors, actors become playwrights) – October/November

2. Change Your Medium (try on another style, method, or art form you’ve never tried before) – December/January

3. Fight Your Fear (face the thing that scares you most in your artistic journey) – February/March

4. What Is Theater (attempt to figure out who is the theater artist you want to be) – April/May

Each topic involves five activities over the two month period: two individual meetings, two “group shares”, and tech/performance of EAR Fuzz. Once a month, residency leaders lend an “ear” to check-in with the residents and/or arrange private meetings/workshops with other people of inspiration.  Also monthly, all the residents gather for field trips to spark creativity followed by “group shares,” all based off of the goals defined on an individual and group basis. Past field trips have included a class at the Philadelphia Circus School, a puppet making workshop with Robert Smythe, a discussion with Isaiah Zagar in his private Philadelphia Magic Gardens studio, a tour of Laurel Hill Cemetery, observing a rehearsal from Headlong Dance Theatre, and meetings with couples therapists, dentists, interpreters, and more. In March specifically, residents take a 24 hour artists retreat as their field trip. This work culminates in an open rehearsal of work conceived on the theme of the period, called EAR Fuzz, sharing the growth that unfolds on stage with an audience of fellow members and the general public. Each EAR Fuzz ends with a “communal ritual” with the audience in celebration of the growth, and an opportunity for audience to share their inspiration from the evening on an arts & crafts style feedback board and casual merriment at Quig’s Pub at P & P.


You can support the E.A.R. residency by donating to our Ongoing Campaign, which helps us run all of our programming. If you want your money to go solely to the E.A.R. Residency, please specify when you donate.