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NEW! Philly Dramaturgy Open Office Hours

May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th 4-7pm


10985868_475045579309496_1415798574235048863_nThe Dramaturgy Open Office Hours, created by Jeremy Stoller in NYC, returns to Philadelphia this spring for four sessions in May (May 6, 13, 20, and 27 from 4 to 7pm). Free and open to anyone, the project is designed to provide resources to playwrights, actors, directors, devisers, and any other theater artists who feel they could benefit from speaking with a dramaturg. Artists are encouraged to stop by with questions about research, project brainstorming, play structure, script submission, development processes, text analysis, theatrical canon; for grant/fellowship proposal editing or proofreading; or simply to discuss their work with some interested colleagues. Each week, a guest dramaturg will co-host the sessions.

More information is available: 

and  http://opendramaturgy.blogspot.com/ 
If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the action with 
the hashtag #opendramaturgy. 




A group of community-minded artists committed to producing a member-owned workshop series, providing high-quality education at a fair price to fellow artists. Unlike many other continued education programs, we exist to serve our members and by participating in our events you will be supporting your fellow artists. Go to the website for more info on how to get involved!

How does it work?

You teach a class, you get a class for free (regular member attendance price $5, Non-member attendance $10)

Monthly classes offered with descriptions via Eblast and Website

Advertisement available to non-members via Plays and Players facebook page (non-member attendance price $10)

*For each non-member who attends the event $5 will go to Plays and Players and $5 to the instructor of the class.

What kinds of classes are offered? Anything from sewing to mask work in 90 minutes or less. The world is your oyster. Propose the class to the Associate Artistic Director, Amber Emory, today!

NEW! Philly Reads Plays Happy Hour

Reading plays not part of your schedule? A monthly forum for artist discussion of a hand selected play distributed electronically.

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EAR Fuzz 2026251Playwrights: Jeffrey Stingerstein, Chris Davis

Chris Davis“Whether I’m writing for a 24 hour cram, performing a show, or just hanging out at Plays & Players, I can always feel the history in the building itself; all these people that have performed and dreamed in this space and the work it has produced for decades, the actors and writers and designers and stagehands and everyone that works so hard every day in theater, it’s like I can feel that presence, and support.” -Chris Davis

Actors: Joseph Ahmed, Nicole GodinoNicole

Joseph“My first experience as an actor in Philly was the 24 hour play festival at Plays & Players, and it was great to be a part of such a vibrant event. I’m excited that I’ll be able to continue building on that camaraderie by being part of the Plays and Players Emerging Artists Residency!” -Nicole Godino

Sean Lally’s Philosophy Symposium Philosophy Symposium

The Symposium facilitates the gathering of philosophically inclined individuals from diverse backgrounds who wish to examine their own assumptions about theater and the world.  Each meeting revolves around a specific theme or question, and uses relevant material as a springboard for conversation.  This may include articles, films, paintings, wine and anything else that might stimulate meaningful exchange.  The Philosophy Symposium happens once a month and is open to members who want to attend.

Quig’s Pub Events

Berserker Residents “Your Sunday Best”

Hosted and curated by Philadelphia comedy trio The Berserker Residents, Your Sunday Best is an evening of variety comedy featuring Philly’s finest actors, stand-ups, and musicians. This FREE 60-minute show begs its performers to try things they have never done before, the result: a ruckus one-of-a-kind comedy night unlike any other in Philadelphia.  Every 3rd Sunday.  Doors at 8:30.  Show at 9:00.



Poker NightFranklin Evan’s Poker

Play your cards. Play it right. With Poker Night. 10pm up in our favorite Artist’s Playground, Quig’s Pub! Bring your friends and make a royal flush by going all in and staying all night!