Delaware Mudtub and the Mighty Wampum


March 13 – 29, 2014

Delaware Mudtub and the Mighty Wampum





Plays & Players launches a new yearly series dedicated to introducing young audiences to the power of live theater. This season, P.L.A.Y. (Philadelphia Local Artists for Youth) premieres with Delaware Mudtub and the Mighty Wampum, a work that explores mythic animals local to the area — the great blue heron, the red fox, and the box turtle, as well as the stories of the people once indigenous to the Delaware River — the Lenni-Lenape. The Lenape, meaning “the people,” thrived in the Delaware Valley and passed down folktales about the animals in their midst. They were well-known for crafting wampum beads — the beads, strung together, created wampum belts that told the stories of the Lenape families.

Turtle carries the world on her back, leading us into the performance space, taken over by nature. Fox stares back at us, her smile unveiling her sharp teeth. Silent, determined, the Great Blue Heron enters, searching. Otters Earle and Pearl, brother and sister, raft together, drifting with the current of the Delaware River. The ground vibrates, the wolf’s howls grow closer, the moon’s reflection sings a lullaby, and the animals must survive the land and each other. In this immersive play with movement, acro-yoga, and puppetry, we invite you to join the Philadelphia native wildlife, to participate in their stories, helping them weave together the wampum belt of their lives.

About the Playwright

Greg Romero is originally from Louisiana.  His plays, site-specific projects, and sound art collaborations include The Most Beautiful Lullaby You’ve Ever Heard, The Milky Way Cabaret, Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings, Radio Ghosts, Dallas, and The Babel Project, and have been presented in theaters and found spaces in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Baltimore, Washington DC, Louisville, New Orleans, as well as Toronto and Zurich. Romero has been a finalist for the Heideman Award, a semi-finalist for the Princess Grace Award, nominated for the F. Otto Haas Award for an Emerging Theater Artist, and was selected as the first-ever Resident Writer of the ArtsEdge Residency.  He is one of three playwrights to inaugurate the Philadelphia Dramatists Center/Plays & Players Playwriting Residency and is an alum of the 2012 WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory. He is published by Heinemann Press, YouthPLAYS, and Playscripts, Inc. and is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America. Romero received an MFA in Playwriting from The University of Texas-Austin where he held the James A. Michener Fellowship.

Ticketing Information

Third Floor Skinner Studio

  • Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10am
  • Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 2:30pm

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Cast and Creative Team

StarringAndrew J. Carroll, Heather Cole, Katie Croyle, Tyler Garamella, Maria Konstantinidis, Tess McChesney Kunik and Mary Beth Shrader

Adopt-an-Actor “Parents”:

Andrew Carroll – Todd & Wendy Fleischman (
Heather Cole – Mark Reidenauer.
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Candace O’Neil Cihocki (Director) is a Director and Choreographer. She is a New York City, Vermont, Florida transplant who has settled in Philadelphia . She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Directing from Florida State University in 2010.  This year in Philadelphia, she has had the pleasure of serving as a Co-leader for the new Acting Residency program at Plays and Players Theatre, as well as the new Company Manager for FlashPoint Theater. Candace earned her BFA in Acting from Adelphi University in 2001, where she also studied modern dance and choreography. Her past directing work has been seen at On the Square Productions in NYC, Hybridge Arts Collective, The Philadelphia Fringe, Plays and Players, and FlashPoint Theatre. She currently works and practices at Dhyana Yoga, is a Holistic Nutritional Health Coach focusing on completing her 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Recent adventures include dance projects, exploring acrobatics, Acroyoga,  and community based nutritional education programs. You can visit for wellness information!

Set Design by Colin McIlvaine, Lighting Design by Andrew Cowles, Costume Design by John Hodges Dramaturgy by Laurel Hostak, Puppet Design by Leila Ghaznavi


Bear Cub ($22-$60)–  Brandi Burgess, Joy Cutler, Danielle Deckard, Rachel Dukeman and Trevor Reynolds, Raymond Fallon,  Angela Giampolo, Melissa Grande, Green and Spiegel, Stephen Hayward, James Introcaso, Catherine Jones, Melanie Julian, Amy Kurzban, Kaitlin  Mallouk, Gina Martino, William Melton, Cathy Mostek, Nancy Mouton, Tanya O’Neill, Lucille Passaretti, Seth Reichgott, Mary-Beth Sheridan, Janet Stojak, Michael Tannenbaum,  Mike Vernusky, Robert Weick, Valdemar Zialcita

 Heron Family ($62-$99)- Nick Durso, Quinn Eli, Cindy Falteich, Jamie Grace-Duff, Daniel Student

P.L.A.Y. List ($100 and up)- Betty Chomentowski, Leila Ghaznavi, Robin Rodriguez, Julie and Shafat Shaon

Adopt an Actor  ($250 and up)- Todd & Wendy Fleischman, Mark Reidenauer